Immunoblot Automation

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Complete Automation for Strip Assays

This flexible and convenient instrument is the ideal solution for full automation, from sample addition to strip scanning. With fast and quiet operation, and a user friendly interface, the Roboblot provides the laboratory with a reliable and robust solution for walk-away strip processing.

Features & Specifications

Reliable –

  • No cross-contamination- disposable sample tips (200ul, 1mL, 5mL)
  • Sample integrity, barcode-ID and LIMS connectivity
  • Accuracy and Standardization – Highly accurate and precise pipetting system

Convenient –

  • Low Dead Volume – saves reagents and cost
  • Automates every part of protocol: sampling, reagents, strip drying, scanning and evaluation
  • Space saving – reduces overall bench space need for processing blots
  • User Friendly – Intuitive User Interface with minimal maintenance required

Flexible/High-Capacity –

  • Can run multiple conjugates per run
  • Runs up to 50 samples per run
  • Multiple assays can be performed simultaneously

Quality Hardware – 

  • Piston pump capacity of 10ul to 2.5mL
  • Peristaltic pumps for aspiration and reagent addition
  • Liquid level detection by pressure sensing
  • Integrated scanner for image capture of developed strips

Semi Automation for Strip Assays

This easy-to-use platform performs all immunoassay steps with the exception of the sample addition. Once samples have been added manually, the instrument can run up to 12 different pre-programmed assays, for automating molecular based and Western Blot strip based assays. The instrument uses reversible peristaltic pumps to dispense reagents to the sample tray, and optionally from the software, the pumps can be reversed to save reagent back into the reagent bottles. The tray for the samples and membrane strips allows for rocking, tilting and level position during incubation. The operator interface is via a keypad and display. Once the samples have been added to the tray the assay is automated, and the developed strips in the tray can be removed for analysis.

Features & Specifications

High Capacity –

  • Up to 12 different pre-programmed assays
  • Up to 50 strips per run
  • Up to 3 conjugates simultaneously

Quality Hardware –

  • Reversible peristaltic pumps for aspiration and dispense
  • Built-in rocker
  • Integral Keypad and LCD display (up to 16 characters)

BlotBoy 3D Mixer

The BlotBoy 3D mixer provides the perfect 3-dimensional motion for all blot related applications. The tilt, angle and speed have been optimally set for gentle, but thorough mixing in gel trays, boxes and other flat vessels.

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