Helicobacter pylori IgG/A Serological Testing

Improve sensitivity and specificity for the most virulent strains with GSD’s H. pylori EIA kit.

Gold Standard Diagnostics H. pylori IgG and IgA ELISA tests offer excellent sensitivity and specificity, especially for the more virulent CagA and VacA strains of H. pylori.

Research has demonstrated a link between strains that express CagA and VacA antigen, and increased risk of gastric cancer1 and ulcer2. H. pylori serological testing detects the most virulent strains that express CagA and VacA antigens.

Gold Standard Diagnostics H. pylori EIA’s are manufactured using a proprietary antigen and purification process developed by an H. pylori specialist from the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene in Germany.

GSD H. pylori Serological Testing Advantages

Non-invasive and cost-effective… Best option for pre-treatment diagnosis.

Key Benefits:

  • FDA Cleared
  • Excellent sensitivity & specificity.
  • Detects CagA & VacA positive strains.
  • Best option for pre-treatment testing.
  • Non-invasive and low cost compared to other diagnostic methods.

H. pylori Diagnostics Studies

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